About Us

CentrAMS.com is been created to provide SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises) with the necessary tools needed in order to effectively manage their daily business needs in relation to their clients data.

Managing your clients' data can be a pain and it can take you off-track of accomplishing your business goals. From scheduling appointments, generating quote and convert them to invoices, and even doing email marketing and creating your own custom surveys to get a measurable customer services or general standing of your business.

centrAMS.com will be the only system you'll ever need to manage your clients from a centralized and secured location right over the internet.

Our Vision

We work hard to earn your trust. We see with your customers' eyes and do our best to make you as proactive for them just as we are proactive with our solutions for your business.

Our Mission

Running a business is tough. We focus on toughing out the details for you so you can go about making your business a success. We aim to be the best and preferred Account Management System for small and medium sized enterprises, working hard to streamline your operations and help you accomplish your business goals.

Our Goals and Initiatives

We help you offer your customers value for money while providing you with a user-friendly learning experience using our Account Management System. We equip you with the necessary tools allowing you to manage all the details of your business efficiently and effectively, and keep you on track with your goals - all this from a centralized and secured location over the Internet.