centraAMS has a very strict anti-spam policy and requires that each user adheres to the information within this policy. We will not tolerate the use of spam for any use or in any form. By using spam you permit us to terminate your account with no question. Spam is any bulk email sent to people who have not requested your contact (unsolicited) or have asked to be removed from mass emails.

Due to the fact that we will not tolerate any spam we ask our users to keep a watchful eye and report any violation of the policy. If you suspect a violation of our anti-spam policy please contact us immediately at: antispam@centrams.com. If you have received spam from the individual please unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of the message. Once we receive your report we will take immediate action to resolve the problem quickly and effectively.


centraAMS Users

By joining our community you must agree to our anti-spam policy herein. You consent to distributing emails on a permission basis only, outlined in the agreement. Every email addressed must be acquired by the will and agreement of the email address owner. You may not solicit or purchase email lists from a third party. When a person agrees to join your email list it must be clearly stated exactly what is going to be sent, the duration and consistency he or she should expect.

Users are never permitted to buy bulk email addresses from third party sources nor may users collect emails from other websites. Users must leave all fields blank for participants to willfully fill in or check. Users may not sell the email addresses they acquire to other users or any other website(s). Users may not send offers that do not pertain to the subject and content of the users typical newsletter. Users must always acquire the permission of a subscriber to be added to their list. Users may not continue to send emails or newsletters to participants who have requested to be unsubscribed. After a six month period, each user will have to confirm with all participants that they still opt to receive the email distribution.

As a centraAMS user you are agreeing to abide by the following permissions. You can send emails and newsletters to anyone who has agreed to them. The subject matter must be consistent with the general subject the participant has previously agreed to.


How We Enforce Our Policy

We closely monitor all emails lists and keep a close eye on the way the list is managed. By monitoring all mass emails we are able to maintain a high level of accuracy and customer satisfaction. No one likes to receive spam and so we do our best to catch it before it becomes an issue. We do not allow any tolerance for spam and will immediately terminate any violation of this policy.


Handling Complaints

As previously stated, spam is any bulk email sent to people who have not requested your contact (unsolicited) or have asked to be removed from mass emails. By participating in using spam you will violate this agreement and will immediately be removed from our system. Our company strives to achieve the highest level of customer service and professionalism by entrusting our users with our confidence that all email address have been collected on an individual basis. Each user is required to make it clear to their participants what they will be expecting via email. In accordance with federal regulations each incident of collecting email address will incur a fee of a minimum of $100. All incidents will be reported to the appropriate governing authorities.

Every spam complaint will be evaluated with the following criteria:

A detailed analysis of the content associated with complaint.

An investigative look into how the user has distributed emails in the past. We look for a common thread in their history.

Reassess the complaint in its entirety to understand it in detail.

Determine when the user began his or her agreement with centraAMS and identify the IP address.

After properly assessing the complaint if we determine that the email was in fact not spam we will take a more detailed look at to why the participant perceived it as spam. We may advise the user to make some modifications and adjustments to ensure this does not happen again. After a complaint has been filed we will continue to monitor the users account to ensure the same mistake does not take place a second time. centraAMS has full governing authority to suspend, modify or terminate your subscription at any time.