How to be an Effective Team Leader

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January 27, 2009 by admin

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Being an effective team leader is important in keeping up morale while also getting the job done in the most efficient way possible. Unfortunately, sometimes being an effective team leader doesn’t mean acting like everyone’s best friend, but letting them know that you are doing all you can to help them develop their skills for their own benefit and the benefit of the company will help them to realize this.

In being an effective team leader, there are certain tasks that must be done when managing your team:

Be a coach, not a demonstrator – You want to provide supportive directions rather than demonstrate a task. You don’t want to make the mistake of telling them you will show them how to do something because this tells the employee that the motivation is in getting the job done rather than promoting their learning. This can be damaging to the employee’s development and can create a dependence on you. Before you know it, that dependence results in the employee relying on you do to everything for them.

Constructive criticism – This is very important because it involves communicating both the bad things and the good things. Criticism is important but can become a little too much for the employee if that is all they are hearing. That is why it is important to highlight the good things as well. Using the, “you need to improve on this, but you do this really well” model can cushion the blow of being told they are not being proficient in a certain task. However, not leaving the employee in the dark and making suggestions as to how the employee can improve will enhance their development. A great way to make suggestions is to share your own experiences with development.

You must be positive – Being positive is very important because it is very contagious. If you are excited, the employees are more likely to be excited as well. If they seem to be in a slump, then that’s your incentive to find out what is wrong and put a plan in place to make it better.

Doing these things in addition to other things such as valuing your employee’s ideas can make you an excellent team leader and make your employees like and respect you. You won’t necessarily always tell them what they want to hear, but going about things the right way means you are making an impact on their careers and their lives.


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