Why Engineers Have the Edge in Sales

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March 8, 2009 by admin

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Engineers are one of the ingredients that form the foundation for any profitable business is sales. The art of selling has been studied for decades and it is always in a state of change. Yesterday’s selling solutions have been redefined and renamed and the word “sales” has been replaced with other marketing phrases that are less invasive and threatening to potential clients. ┬áThe new business models that are reshaping the way business is conducted in the world market know that selling, especially selling solutions still plays a major part in bottom line returns, but they have made a conscious effort to raise the bar, as far as what the selling process entails.

Salesman through the years gained the reputation for being fast talking, free thinking and good natured front men who had the gift of grab and the ability to get buyers to say yes, in one way or another. Closing a sale usually meant spending time and money on dinners, perks and personal buyer pleasures that had nothing to do with what was being sold or how it would be used. As that selling process became a liability rather than an asset, companies began to restructure the salesman into a completely different person.

Today’s global businesses require that salesman be engineers. Webster defines an engineer as a skillful or cleaver manager or a person who can plan, construct and supervise a project. Professional engineers perform all of those skills in their daily routine and are constantly selling solutions to modern business challenges. They have credibility because like any professional they have invested time, money and a part of themselves in order to expand their abilities. The word engineer denotes responsibility, leadership and integrity and those are the qualities that every business needs to be profitable.

Every business has competition and one of the most important aspects of any successful business is to engineer a strategy that keeps the competition a step behind and that takes planning and managing skills. The salesman of today must be an engineer of selling in Webster’s sense of the word. That requires education, on the job training and more education. The new sales engineer must be able to provide solutions to business challenges and be a part of that solution by engineering a cohesive strategy, which includes all the mental tools that a professional engineer would use in order to construct a building or build a bridge. Every business needs selling engineers, as well as other engineers who perform the internal duties that keep a business profitable.

In the business world, as well as in personal life everyone is always engineering something. Business has identified that ability and is using it to develop new sales strategies that require salesman to be engineers that sell solutions to everyday challenges. Businesses are attracting and training their own professional engineers so they can use their management talents to represent them. Credibility and responsibility along with commitment are the buzz words that define any new selling solution strategy. In order for those buzz words to be effective, an engineer must take the place of a salesman. An engineer understands that the new order of business is using more than a smile and a credit card to get an order; now it’s all about smiling because the order has been awarded to the most qualified engineer.


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