Customer Support

CentrAMS Customer Support software cares for your customers. We take charge of the nitty-gritty so you can concentrate on strengthening client relationships and increasing your customer base. Reducing costs while helping you enhance productivity, it provides support for all your sales teams with only a single application.

Case & Incident Management

Keep every case and incident organized and easy to find with our management system. When a client contacts your customer service department, you can rest assured that their case will be easily found and addressed in a timely manner.

Solution Manager

Have a wide selection of product solutions gathered from a compilation of articles that can easily be accessed by users. This will provide you with customized solutions that will make the customer service experience easy and enjoyable to use.

Knowledge Base Management

This feature gives you the ability to collect the feedback from customers in order to compile and evaluate the data in order to determine a better solution for the future. You can update and keep current every task in this feature.

Multi-Channel Connection

CentrAMS Customer Support integrates all interactions from marketing all the way to sales and customer feedback. This makes you more accessible and provides a dynamic customer-sensitive experience especially designed based on your clients' perspective.

Fully Automated Customer Communication

You can manage customer concerns, assign cases for solving, and provide support all from a single system which automates routing, queuing, classifying of service requests, case management, auto-response email and communication tracking.

Cut Costs 24/7

Our automated customer care software can significantly slash your customer service costs while delivering topnotch customer service. It reduces the workload of your contact centers by directing the bulk of incoming customer communication from phone calls, emails, or web-based feedback via reliable online and voice self-service channels, day and night, 24 hours a day.

Straight to the Heart of the Issue

Our system streamlines customer communication via sophisticated automated processes so you and your people can accurately identify the problem, create a personalized solution, and resolve the issue in a timely manner. Our system will help you deliver results via a stored database of customer information cross-reference with product and service categories.

Increased Efficiency

With the system's optimized functionality and personalized user interface, you can easily provide responsive customer care all from a single application.