Expense Reporting

Do you still process your expense reports manually? centrAMS meets the exacting needs of companies and organizations whose operations include entry, approval, management and analysis of expenses. If you don't use an automated Expense Reporting system you are wasting an average of $40 for every report transaction! Automating the creation of your expense reports with centrAMS will lower your out-of-policy expenses, cut down the reimbursement cycle by 60%, and reduce costs overall by as much as 75%.

Credit Card Integration

Every time a credit card is swiped, the system will know about it. This provides the ability for faster and 100% accurate expense reporting processing by cutting the amount data entry the employee has to do.

Receipt Management

Make it easy for your employees to keep an accurate record of all their receipts. Paper is easily misplaced and that’s why the receipt manager makes it easy to track every expense.

Currency Conversion

When your employees are overseas and they spend either paper or credit card the software automatically converts the expense back to US dollars so you can see exactly what is being spent without wasting time attempting to convert the money.

Custom Expense Categories

If there is a particular expense category not on our current system, one can easily be created and maintained in a matter of minutes.

Approval Workflow

You have full control over each employee’s workflow with this feature. It enables you to approve overtime, monitor when an employee is taking time off, etc. This keeps you in the loop so you can more effectively give oversight to payroll expenses.

Expense Analytics

Have our system analyze your expenses for you and provide feedback and ways to improve your bottom line. This is a key feature for any business whether small or large.

Policy Enforcement

Through monitoring and evaluating employees, you will be able to enforce and properly evaluated disciplinary action based on this process. This pays off because it keeps your employees on their toes and away from breaking policy.

Expense Approval

You can set up your system for expense approvals. You can change what and who needs to be approved. It’s all customized designed for your needs and desires.

Your Paperless Office

Eliminate the need to print, save and organize receipts and expense reports. CentrAMS will go a long way to making paper a thing of the past. No more hassles trying to manage stacks of receipts, invoices and expense reports. Speed up approvals and provide accurate reconciliation, all without having to deal with paper receipt management.

Improve Control and Compliance

The centrAMS expense reporting system will enable you to keep close track of your employees' spending, and ensure that all company policies on expenses are followed to the letter. This will cut down on the incidence of fraud and expense account padding, while providing you with a strong internal system of control and compliance.