Estimates and Invoicing

Do you manually send all your invoices and quotes? Imagine how streamlined your company's workflow will be once you automate the process of creating estimates, sending quotes, follow-ups and invoices. You'll save a huge chunk of time previously reserved for stuffing invoices into envelopes, plus an estimated $50,000 a year normally earmarked for paper and mailing expenses! Not only will you impress customers and meet your deadlines, your operations become more flexible while you continue to stay within budget.

Accept Payment Online

If youíre business doesnít currently received credit cards or you donítí have the capability for your customers to pay via the internet, then this simple business solution can rapidly increase revenue. You can give customers their own web portal view their invoices and pay you either through credit card, PayPal, Authorize.Net, and other payment processors.


Looking at expanding your business globally? The CentrAMS quote and invoicing system allows you to send quotes and invoices in various localized currencies.

Invoice Templates

Our invoice templates are easy to use, personalized and highly professional in tone and presentation. These templates also cut down on the amount of time you would spend creating a format for your invoices. Quick and easy to use.

Recurring Invoicing

If you have a repeat customer that you invoice weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. you can set up an automatic invoice to be sent. This not only saves time but it gives you the added security of not overlooking a statement to be sent.

Send in Email/PDF or to Fax Number

The software also gives you the option to send a quote or invoice via email or to a fax number. You donít need a fax machine to send the invoice, it comes straight from the program to the fax number specified.

Tracking and Overdue Reminders

Now you donít need to worry about staying on top of customers who fall behind on payments. This system will automatically track invoices that are current and overdue. When a reminder needs to be sent, it is automatically sent without worry or concern.

Automated Sales Estimates

You can customize your sales estimates based on your company's requirements. Track outstanding sales estimates and assign multiple pricing for products based on customer segmentation in a flash! All estimates are printer-friendly and can automatically be sent to each of your prospects via the built-in email feature or to regular fax.


Creating invoices with CentrAMS is a very simple process. Using pre-defined templates provided on the system, you can create your own customized brand of invoice. Add multiple invoices, change invoice status from open to completed to outstanding, track and follow-up on each one, automate recurrent billing notices, and email them to customers all in the space of minutes.

Data Secure

You needn't worry about losing your quote and invoice information. Our system is designed to automatically replicate all your data. This security and back-up feature works for you 24/7. You can even import and export your data in all accepted standard formats.

Report Generation

CentrAMS provides customizable reports for a general perspective of the status of all your quotes and invoices, giving you a real-time visual of the direction your business is taking.

Inventory Management

Keep a close eye on your inventory levels so you never miss a step. The ability to keep your inventory monitored and stocked appropriately keeps your business moving smoothly. Our inventory management system provides the added security that your product volumes remain consistent.