Marketing Automation

The CentrAMS marketing automation system makes integrating your sales and marketing operations exceedingly effortless. Your marketing staff can take full advantage of your existing customer database to carry out multi-channel campaigns, receive up-to-date messaging, and follow through on leads.

Everything is automated to make sure your business doesn't miss out on a single opportunity. Taking advantage of the system's real-time reports and analytics will give your people the tools to appraise results and adapt their marketing campaigns to maximize outcomes.

Email Campaign Creation

centrAMS automates every step to a marketing campaign, from task planning and list creation, to task assignment and cost tracking, and all the other activities involved in launching your products and services. Your people can create a quick campaign complete with electronically scheduled phone calls, email, appointments, sales follow-through, mail-merged letters and faxes.

Email Campaign Templates

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to send high quality, top notch email layouts and design. With the email templates you simply browse the catalogue, chose your preferred design, customize it to your specifications and you’re on your way.

Email List Management

The only way to see how effective your email campaign is, is to monitor them to see who opened what and if they responded or not. The management of your email lists is simplified for quick and easy reference.

Automated Campaign Manager

As soon as a quick campaign is launched, centrAMS runs a tight marketing ship directing people, targets and deadlines. The system tools will guide your marketers through the planning and execution stage, list creation, product focus, follow-up activities, and even pinpointing the expense and revenue objectives.

Web Forms

This makes it easy for your users to design their own web forms, but allow you to capture the information they are collecting. The web forms are automatically imported from a user’s website which makes it easy for anyone to use.

Lead Generation

What’s an email campaign without leads? Lead Generation provides a simple way of obtaining new leads by capturing them from the Web Lead Form. Once you have the information from a lead, the program will automatically evaluate it to see how strong and promising the particular lead is.

Tracking and Reporting

It is very easy to track all leads and contacts with those leads. The reporting system enables users to observe trends, effectiveness and projection for future campaign objectives.

Image Hosting

Users are able to upload images and host them on their site. This is an added feature that greater adds perceived value and uniqueness to each account.


The best way to know how to market effectively to clients is to know what they want. Surveys are the best way to get inside of your clients minds so you can better meet their needs. Our surveys include: templates, creation, invitations, an email invitation list and polls making it easy to gather the necessary information.

Tracking Target Reponses

Our system can help you track the results of your marketing campaign by generating campaign tracking reports and based on your targets' responses. It links the number of responses per campaign and generates cost versus payoff analysis reports.