Complete Enterprise CRM Solution Suite

centrAMS is your one-stop-shop automated Account Management System. You don't need a separate application for each individual phase of your operations. It will only cost you plenty in time, finances, employee productivity, and above all, revenue. All you need is in one package. CentrAMS combines all the fundamentals in a functional, familiar and flexible system, keeping everyone in your business connected, organized and well-informed. Even your customers. We want you to succeed, because your success is our success too.

Our system keeps your employees, contractors and customers connected, organized and well-informed through various functions. Our modules; Sales Force Automation, Estimates and Invoicing, Marketing Automation, Project Management, Customer Support and Expense Reporting, cover everything you need to run a small or large business. Each module is customizable to meet the growing demands of your business. Using centrAMS will not only save you time but it will improve your communication, organization and most of all your bottom line. all the must-haves to accelerate your success!!!

Sales Force Automation

No other online Account Management System allows you to fast track your business as expediently as CentcerAMS. Our Sales Force Automation has advanced options and helpful features to manage the sales process and streamline revenue workflow for you. This empowers you and your people to focus on what you do best: bringing in the customers to increase your sales revenue. Go to details.

Estimates and Invoicing

Do you manually send all your invoices and quotes? Imagine how streamlined your company's workflow will be once you automate the process of creating estimates, sending quotes, follow-ups and invoices. You'll save a huge chunk of time previously reserved for stuffing invoices into envelopes, plus an estimated $50,000 a year normally earmarked for paper and mailing expenses! Not only will you impress customers and meet your deadlines, your operations become more flexible while you continue to stay within budget. Go to details.

Marketing Automation

The CentrAMS marketing automation system makes integrating your sales and marketing operations exceedingly effortless. Your marketing staff can take full advantage of your existing customer database to carry out multi-channel campaigns, receive up-to-date messaging, and follow through on leads.

Everything is automated to make sure your business doesn't miss out on a single opportunity. Taking advantage of the system's real-time reports and analytics will give your people the tools to appraise results and adapt their marketing campaigns to maximize outcomes. Go to details.

Project Management

CentrAMS allows you to view your project from the big picture perspective, showing you allocation of resources, tasks completed and pending, outstanding and resolved issues, communication from customers, employees, contractors, and more. You can initiate activities and assign tasks for each team member in as little as half an hour! All this valuable information at a glance and a click, only from CentrAMS, your all-in-one automated project manager. Go to details.

Customer Support

CentrAMS Customer Support software cares for your customers. We take charge of the nitty-gritty so you can concentrate on strengthening client relationships and increasing your customer base. Reducing costs while helping you enhance productivity, it provides support for all your sales teams with only a single application. Go to details.

Expense Reporting

CentrAMS meets the exacting needs of companies and organizations whose operations include entry, approval, management and analysis of expenses. The system works on all browsers for a more convenient way to manage expenses and generate expense reports faster and easier, while giving you more time to focus on your business. Go to details.