Privacy Notice

We are posting this Privacy Notice to lay down CentrAMS' Privacy Policy and explain what we do with any personal information that you pass on to us. Please go over this notice carefully. It is advisable to review it from time to time, as we reserve the right to update the information contained therein. However, please be informed that any changes we do make will always remain in strict conformity to our policy of never using, selling, renting, or making money from any personal information given to us by any of our users.

We take your privacy seriously, hence we will take all reasonable efforts possible to safeguard your information. We are committed to your privacy. This means CentrAMS will never sell, rent or make money from any personal information you give us. Because we value your trust, we will not in any way or by any means, violate it.

Requiring Your Information

As soon as your sign up with us, you will need to furnish us with pertinent contact details such as your name and billing address, as well as other data like your chosen login ID and password. For payment purposes, we also capture your credit card information. To protect your information, we do not store the details of your credit card.

Your login ID and password will be privy only to you and CentrAMS. This is why we strongly advise against sharing your login ID and password with anyone. As an account holder with CentrAMS, it is your sole responsibility to keep your login ID and password safe and secure.

Any and all information in the form of files, maps, contact and financial information, industry knowledge and other data that is uploaded into CentrAMS by you or anybody with your login ID and password remains your sole and exclusive property.

Viewing Your Information

Only our trained and trusted managerial-level employees at CentrAMS who well-versed in security processes will see your information. They will not have access to your credit card details which will only be made available in the event any issue involving billing or customer service arises. Any contractor who provides services for our site and who will require access to your personal information, does so under contract to strictly adhere to our Privacy Policy on information disclosure.

Safeguarding Your Information

Reasonable means to protect your information is done through the use of a secure and encrypted SSL connection on all of the webpages you are required to submit your personal information to us. Each time you access your account, amend your user information, upload or download files, it is done only via a secure SSL connection with a current certificate.

Retrieving Your Data

We perform back-ups on all our data on a daily basis. At any given time, you will have access to your data and can export it into standard XML format should you choose to.

Soliciting Information, Advertiser Privacy, Email Policy

It is against our Privacy Policy to ask you for your personal information in an unsolicited phone call, email or letter. Should you receive any communication soliciting this information, contact us immediately at Furthermore, any personal information you relay during any contact with CentrAMS' customer service will not be used or recorded without your consent for any reason other than for the purpose of resolving your issue or request.

CentrAMS will never disclose any of your personal information to third parties such as advertisers except as expressly laid down in this Privacy Notice. CentrAMS will never be obligated to release your personal information to anyone unless specifically required by law.

While we will update you about new products and service upgrades from time to time, CentrAMS will never spam you with unsolicited emails. CentrAMS fully understands and complies with the CAN-SPAM Act. If you feel we have violated this Privacy Policy on sending of emails, email us at and we will look into the matter immediately so we may take appropriate action.