Project Management

centrAMS allows you to view your project from the big picture perspective, showing you allocation of resources, tasks completed and pending, outstanding and resolved issues, communication from customers, employees, contractors, and more. You can initiate activities and assign tasks for each team member in as little as half an hour! All this valuable information at a glance and a click, only from centrAMS, your all-in-one automated project manager.

Employees/Contractors Timesheets

Our system maintains all your employees and contractors timesheets. Our no hassle system makes it easy for you to see who was working when and how much they are owed. Never guess again or have to deal with paperwork; its all done online!

Multiple Task Assignment

Our project management system will help you to delegate multiple tasks to your team members, target starting and ending dates for a project, and set scheduled email notices. The application integrates coordination lines between all the departments involved in a project to hasten response time and keep you informed of your project's progress.

Status Updates

You can monitor your project by accessing each project milestone, whether upcoming, completed or overdue. This allows you to evaluate the status of each project at any point in time during the duration of its run. The system also includes a calendar where all tasks, meetings and milestones are easily viewed, added to and edited within the calendar itself.

Document Distribution

Collaboration is made easy with document sharing, viewing, editing and saving, without having to download a single file. This ensures more efficient and effective coordination between each group involved in the project.

Forum Feature

There'll be no need for conflict and confusion between members of your different coordinating teams, centrAMS' project management forums will allow them to interact via centrally archived forum topics for smoother collaboration.

Establish Hierarchies

The centrAMS project management system can manage hundreds different projects at once, and more! You can split each project into several hierarchies and split major jobs into many smaller ones. This will allow you to delegate tasks faster, set deadlines, and complete multi-projects at any given time.

Employee Monitoring

Our system comes complete with timesheets. At a glance, you can see how much time each team member has spent working on a specific task assigned in real-time. It will also provide an estimation history and analysis based on the time estimated for the completion of each task, and comparing it to the actual time the task was accomplished. This feature is easy to use and will help you monitor your people vis-a-vis each project's status.

Programmable User Access Rights

The centrAMS project management application allows you to program a multi-level permission system for each of your team members directly involved in a project. Each team member will be assigned custom roles that will allow them access only to the tasks available to them.

Finance At A Glance

Get seem-less integration to the invoicing module. With the system's Billing Module, you can check each rate estimate for each your team members and customers, task expenses, project costs and contractor payments. You can even generate a billing report detailing all the financial information related to each project.

Customized User Interface

The system's user interface can be customized according to your needs. From logos and colors, to your company's policies and culture, the whole look can be modified based on your organizational requirements. The application's intuitive environment is extremely user-friendly and decreases the learning curve significantly.