Sales Force Automation

centrAMS gives the power back to those in management. No other system enables the user with such advanced functions. Here you find a highly productive and expedient program that will help organize and maintain your sales goals. The SFA includes leads, sales analysis and detailed reports. These functions allow you to focus on what really matters – getting new customers that remain loyal in the long run, which in the end helps your bottom line.

Lead Management

This provides you with the ability to directly management your leads. You can capture leads, import them, assign new leads and qualify if the lead is a good fit or not. You can also customize your lead management to tailor the system to your needs.

Opportunity Management

This enables you with the ability to track, import and track potential sale opportunities. You can also analyze and create estimates, sales and invoices from the system. If you need the information transferred to other software, it can be easily exported.

Account Management

The account management section makes it easy to stay current with clients. You can track all cases and opportunities while keeping detailed information current when it comes to your expenses.

Contact Management

Many people find it difficult to keep current communication with all their clients. This will provide you with the tools needed to manage and track all contact. This part of the system is essential to maintain proper customer relations.

Sales Activity Management

This will give you the oversight needed to manager properly. You can keep track of important emails, maintain organized notes for each customer and keep a daily task list. You can also have revolving events built into your calendar so you never forget an important engagement.

Sales Forecasting

What an essential aspect to business. You need a vision and an accurate foreknowledge of where you’re going before you get there. This will assist you in predicting your sales and revenue for the upcoming quarters.

Sales Quotes

This enables you to track your accounts. You will have full control over what quotes you send where and to whom. You will avoid misquoting and misunderstanding by having your quotes organized and itemized for each individual client.

Commissions Management

The Commissions Management tracking gives you the ability to get a clear picture of who is getting commission, for what and how often. You wont’ have to worry about losing track of the details for those who work under commission. This gives the employee the ability to request a commission ad the manager to accurately disperse them.